Manufacturing purposes


A.G.M. S.r.l. has over thirty years of experience in providing processing services for important chemical companies, both Italian and multinational.
We offer flexible production capacities, which can fully meet the customers’ supply needs, by paying particular attention and focus on the quality of the product and the regulatory and environmental laws.
As well as producing chemical products based on the customer’s formulation, A.G.M. S.r.l. offers its technical competence for the optimization of the final product, performing accurate tests and verifications according to the guidelines and traceability of the internal quality control system.
Our process technology allows to carry out the following processes in solvent, water or plasticizer-based systems:   
Dispersion and grinding of pigments with microsphere mills or three-cylinder refining machines
Dispersion and grinding of other chemical products and active principles  
Dilution and dissolution of resins and colorants   
Mixing of raw materials
Quality control with adequate laboratory equipment
In order to offer a complete processing service for third parties, we offer the possibility to choose the type of packaging, packing and labeling that is most suitable for the requested product.